SmartBlog Module

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Let`s see how to add this feature to shop frontend-

At the same way you can add our developing multiple smartblog feature at your shop blog page

Your currect SmatBlog version Upload the latest version of the module It will auto udpate what is necessary. All your data is safe. Nothing is deleted.

If all your smart blog page show 404 error after install , stand alone or any premium themes.
Which means that your smartblog module is not properly hooked in moduleRoutes.. Which is responsible for module url rewriting.
Normally smart blog will hooked bellow module routes possition

If your site smartblog module is not properly hooked in moduleroutes possition follow bellow instructions.

If your module is not hook then follow bellow instruction

go to your backoffice mmenu module->position and click 'Transplant a module' in top right smartblog module and select moduleRoutes hook and save.

Blog Post Details


Q. After post my blog details page show only image no title and no description


And : The main issue is that your url rewrite title is set with (_) it need to be with (-)


Wrong url rewrite title


correct title



Menu Controller Error