Version 4.7

  1. License system updated.
  2. Minor CSS issue fixed.

We have implemented a new license system in our themes.

Please follow the below video to check how to activate the license.

Please go to Settings >> Permalink and then directly save the settings.

First of all, let us explain the bullet point issue. Some of our customers want to show bullets in the list and most of them don’t want that. According to the Themeforest standard, we actually show the bullet for the lists but we make different designs for the selected sections if you want to show that need to show that using custom CSS.

And for that please follow the below steps so that you can add bullet points to the lists in the theme.
So for that, you have to add a custom CSS class to the section

and after that, you have to add the CSS. For example, I have added the class name test.
and now use this CSS given below to ( Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS ) field.

					.test ul li {
    list-style: disc;

Please check if you have the “Redux Framework” Plugin installed on your site. 

If not, please install and activate this plugin the option will be available.

This plugin is the theme’s required plugin.

Go to Edit Service item

You will find the service icon and title field on the bottom.

You can change the icon from the Car Repair Icon List!.

Follow that documentation to create Child Theme  Child Themes – Codex

Using that plugin to create Child Theme: Child Theme Generator

You need to use a Child Theme only if you are making code customizations.