While importing the demo data your server configuration may not be enough for the demo data importation.

In that case, you may have to perform a manual demo import.

Below are the steps for the manual demo import.

Step 1: Go to tools >> import >> WordPress import

If the WordPress importer is not installed or activated then install the WordPress importer

here import the content.xml

You will find the file in the WordPress installation folders wp-content >> plugins >> [theme name]-demo-installer >> demo data >> demo

Step 2: install the widget importer & exporter plugin.

then go to tools >> widget importer & exporter

there upload the .wie file if uploading doesn’t work then copy its content and use copy-paste method.

Step 3: Install customizer export/import

then go to appearance >> customize >> export/import

there use/import the .dat filethere use/import the .dat file

Step 4: And lastly, import the base theme options

here upload the json file or you can copy paste the content here too
The demo import files are found in your WordPress installation folder’s wp-content >> plugins >> [Theme name]-demo-importer >> demo data
and if you can’t find them then you can contact us we will provide the files to you

Don’t Hesitate to Share:

You have to activate the theme license key before installing the required plugins.

Go to (Your Theme Name > Product Registration)

Please follow the below process step by step to activate the license.

1. First, put your license key in the License key blank field.

If you can’t find the license key then this article is for you.

How to get License Key?

2. Checked the box on the left side of the consent description.

3. Click on the Activate License button.

You will see the License Activated notification on the top like this below. Thats means Congratulation! Your license is successfully activated.

4. Click Save Changes Button

Note:If you got the License Activate another website message after activating license then you have to deactivate the license from the previous domain. Next, you have to activate the license in your new domain. Because our license is a one time only use license code so you can’t use them on multiple sites. You can check Envato License Policy

If you face license activation problem, please contact our support system by following this link https://support.smartdatasoft.com/

Import demo data

To help you set up your website with the least efforts, we include the dummy content file into the theme package. After installing it, all content seen on the live demo will import except for images/videos. If you interested in import our demo data on your site, please follow all steps carefully.
To import demo data, please navigate Appearance > Import Demo Data. Then click on demo Import button.

If you can’t find the “Import Demo Data” option from the appearance in the left side menu. Then you can try looking for the option by following the below screenshot.

N.B.:Once the Demo import is done , Please deactivate the demo importer plugin

First, thank you for purchasing our theme!

This guide provides instructions for installation, help on getting started and extensive documentation of features. It is recommended you read it thoroughly to fully leverage the Kidstore theme’s capabilities. We hope you will get a lot of flexibility with Kidstore as much as we enjoyed developing it and continue to develop with new features!

To use Kidstore WordPress theme you need to have a WordPress 4.0 (or higher version) site with PHP 7.2 or more and MySQL 5.0+ running on your hosting server. If you’ve already installed WordPress on your server and your site is up, that’s great. For help regarding WordPress installation, please see this WordPress Codex link.

Some more resources from WordPress Codex:

Recommended WordPress Server Environment

For the best experience, your hosting provider should support following server software databases and or web server modules. Anything less than this might cause slow WordPress installation response and can open your website to vulnerabilities.

Theme PHP Requirements

These are the recommended PHP requirements that need to be adjusted before installing the theme. If the requirements are not met some theme features and demo installs will not function properly.
These articles Might help you

Once you have installed and activated our theme you will be prom\\pted to install required and recommended plugins. You will get a better solution after installing those Plugins.

Just click the link to Begin installing plugins.

Next, checkboxes to select all the plugins you want to install, select the bulk action of install from the dropdown box and then click the button to apply.

Next, just click the link to Return to Required Plugins Installer.

Select the plugins you had installed, and then apply the bulk action to activate them.

Finally, you will get a confirmation notice that your plugins were activated.

Method 1: Theme Installation Via Admin Panel

First of all, you need to download the theme installable file from your account that purchased item, go to your ThemeForest Account > Downloads Tab

Now go to your site Dashboard > Appearance > Themes and click on Add New Theme like below

Now click on Upload Theme

Choose the zipped file that you have downloaded from ThemeForest and click on the Install button, then wait for the installation process

Final step click on Activate theme

Method 2: Theme Upload and Installation Via cPanel

Sometimes, for some issues, you won’t be able to upload the Theme via WordPress Dashboard>Appearance>Theme>Add New>Upload Theme>; That time, you can try via this way.

Go to the cPanel (https://yoursite.com:2083 or https://yoursite.com/cpanel)
Navigate to the File Manager>public_html/wp-content/themes/, then click on the “Upload” button from the top section of cPanel.

To complete the total procedure of Theme Upload, Theme Activation, Plugin Activation you can follow our video documentation;

To get the new update and with the updated documentation of this theme, you can save this Playlist and Subscribe the Smartdatasoft YouTube Channel.

Method 3: Theme Installation Via FTP

If you can’t install the theme via method 1 and 2, So try this way:

Log in to your server via your FTP software ( FileZilla, Transmit, etc )
Unzip the Kidstore .zip file, ONLY use the extracted theme folder.
Upload the extracted theme folder into wp-content > themes
Activate the newly installed theme by going to Appearance > Themes
Go to Appearance > Install Plugins and install all required plugins
Simply click the Install button on each plugin to install them