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According to statistics, the majority of businesses in the US have suffered a loss of 2 billion US dollars a year due to the major issues with their websites.

Do you give sufficient care to your website?

When was the last time you thought about the technical and security issues of your website? Do you spend enough time keeping your website maintained?

Most business owners don’t focus on maintaining their website. The reason is that they don’t have either enough time or technical skills to do that and having a technical employee to do this work can be quite costly. We, the Smartdatasoft team, are glad to offer you our extensive website maintenance services that will help you solve problems with backups, security, performance, and many more.

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The primary advantages of our maintenance service

Wordpress fixes and customizations

Backup WordPress

Wordpress Uptime Monitoring

Migrate WP site to the new domain

Pagespeed optimization

WordPress Malware Scanning

Real-Time Security Monitoring


How WordPress website maintenance will work for you

Quick contact with customers

Once you purchase one of the three plans, you will be contacted by one of our managers who will manage your website maintenance. You will be asked to provide the access credentials to your website. Our managers will provide an individual approach to your website and needs.

Let the professionals do the work while you focus on your business

Once, we are equipped with all the access to your WordPress, we will start our maintenance procedures. While we are working on your website, we will make sure that it is online without errors.

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Sudden errors on your website cause financial loss for your business.

Prevent your business from losing money and get our maintenance service now!

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If our common FAQs don’t answer your particular question, please reach out to our support staff, and we will get an answer out to you quickly.
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