How to Change Fonts in WordPress

How to Change Fonts in WordPress: 6 Easy Steps

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Don’t like the outlook of your WordPress website? If you are looking for a way to heat up its design, we recommend learning how to change fonts in WordPress. This process can be accomplished from your dashboard.

Your site’s typography plays a very important role in its branding and usefulness, so it’s a crucial decision that you want to get right. Thankfully, most of the WordPress themes come with built-in options to change fonts, though some are more flexible than others in this situation, and there are also other plugins that work with any theme.

This article adds several options for updating and changing fonts within WordPress. The process down below shows how to change fonts in WordPress website. For those who have a business account, the steps are also relevant, but you will have more options by adding a plugin.

Let’s learn how to Change fonts in WordPress step by step

1. Log in to your WordPress account.

2. Click on Appearance in the left sidebar.

3. Then click Customize.

Wordpress dashboard leftbar

4. Click on Typography to activate the font panel. This will activate your font options and you will be able to customize your fonts.

Theme Typography Option - change fonts in WordPress

5. Click on Enable to activate the font panel. This will activate your font options and you will be able to customize and change fonts in WordPress 

Enable Typography Option

Now you will find all the font options like font H1, H2, Body Typography, Font Family, Font Weight & Style, size, color, line height, etc to customize your site the way you want.

WordPress font editing Option

6. When you’re pleased with your choices, click Save & Publish.

WordPress font Publishing Option

In this tutorial we used the theme “Fionca”, not all themes have the same process of changing fonts, but you can change fonts in WordPress with this method for most of the themes.

The WordPress design customizer provides a whole set of fonts. If you want to make your website look professional, think over the following tips:

  • Headings should be bolder and bigger than the base font to create an impression.
  • Use fonts from the same family. This can be done by using the same font for the headings and base but making them different by weight or size. 
  • Pairing a serif font with a sans serif always looks standard. Even Google switched over to sans serif in the year 2015.
  • Create variation by pairing a slab of fat font with a thin type, this will look awesome.

How to Optimize Fonts on WordPress 

Custom fonts can sometimes slow your site down. Here are some tips for optimizing your site: 

  • Upload multiple file types so that browsers can choose the one that can load. The fastest. 
  • Host your fonts on a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to increase the loading speed. 
  • For the fonts that are often used less, add only the necessary characters (not the whole library). 
  • Don’t upload style and weight variations you’re not using anymore. 
  • Take advantage of WordPress caching to reduce page loading time.

If you can’t change fonts with this process, your theme might not allow you to change them. But there are lots of free plugins that you can install & use to change your fonts.

At this point, you should already know how to change fonts in WordPress theme. If you’re using a flexible theme, such as Fionca, you can use your theme’s built-in typography options in the WordPress Customizer.

Or, if your theme does not provide many built-in options, you can add support for the 600+ fonts at Google Fonts using the Easy Google Fonts plugin

Thank you very much for going through this tutorial explaining how to change fonts in WordPress. Keep following us for exclusive WordPress tips and tutorials.

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