WordPress Server Migration Services

Are you frustrated with your server? If yes, it’s time to get a better one. Our WordPress server migration services help you perform the task smoothly. Having a good server ensures better site performance. It is even better if you can minimize the website migration cost.

Our expert developers will migrate your website to the new server in the shortest possible time while keeping the backup of your whole site data. 

Changing server is a very crucial task that involves the risk of losing valuable data and others. That’s why taking professional WordPress server migration services is a safe choice for you. We also try to offer a price that is affordable and can save your website migration cost.

WordPress Server Migration Services

WordPress Server Migration Services

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Migration Process

1. Backup

Safety comes first. We will take a full site backup before starting the transfer process

2. Transfer

We will begin to transfer your website file and database to the new hosting provider.

3. Configure

We make sure that your site is running fine by doing necessary configuration.

About the Service

Website Backup

We do care about the safety of your site. As a precaustion, we make a full site backup of your WordPress website before starting to transfer your site to a new hosting. The backup will consist of WordPress installation including the core, theme, plugin files, and database.

Website Transfer

After completing the backup of your WordPress website, we will begin to transfer your website file and database to the new hosting provider. In our WordPress server migration services, your site data will be transferred completely without losing any valuable information.

Update Domain

When the transfer process gets completed, we update your DNS settings to point domain name to your new hosting provider as fast as possible. We do avoid unnecessary delays.


Generally, it takes some adjustments after the site migration to a new hosting. We'll make sure your site is running smoothly by configuring everything right.

Well begun is half done

Don’t know what to start with? Not a big deal! Let us do all the “hard work”, we’ll migrate your WordPress site to a new server. It only remains for you to enjoy the better performance!

Frequently Asked Questions

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