Docs: Brator Theme Options Overview

Brator Theme Options Overview

At first to get to this theme option please go to Appearance >> Customize >> Brator Option

Below we are gonna provide a little overview of our theme options in short.

1. Theme Base Option

1. Preloader on/off: You can turn on or off the preloader with this option.

2. Sticky Header On/Off: You can enable and disable the sticky header option by activating/deactivating this option


3. Back To Top On/Off: This allows you to enable or disable the back-to-top button.

4. Theme base css On/Off: You have to keep this option enable to keep the theme design.

2. Header Section

1. Header Style: You can choose between 3 fixed header styles for the header design.

2. Welcome Text Top: For the text on the top left for the header style 1 & 2. And for the header style 3, the text will be on the top middle.

3. Phone Title: For the phone number title.

4. Phone: Add the phone number linked to the number with an anchor tag using HTML.

5. Header Order Track: For the title of the 2nd right-most button of the header.

6. Header Order Track URL: The URL of the order track button.

7. Header Recently Viewed: Set the recently viewed button text.

8. Header Recently Viewed URL: Set the recently viewed button link.


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Updated on June 14, 2022