Docs: Header Settings

Header Settings

  • Display preloader before page load: Enable or Disable site preloader using this option.
  • Display bolt animation before logo: Enable or disable lightning bolt animation using this option which is before the logo.
  • Site Logo: Add/Upload site logo using the WordPress native uploader.
  • Favicon URL: Upload favicon for your site.
  • Display header contact text: Enable or Disable display header contact text using this option.
  • Header Contact Text: Write Header Contact Text using this option.
  • Display header social icons: Enable or Disable header social icons using this option.
  • Header Facebook Link: Place Header Facebook Link here.
  • Header Twitter Link: Place Header Twitter Link here.
  • Header Google Plus URL Link: Place Header Google Plus Link here.
  • Header Linkedin Link: Place Header Linkedin Link here.
  • Header Tumblr Link: Place Header Tumblr Link here.
  • Header Email Link: Place Header Email Link here.
  • Enable or Disable Main Menu Hover Animation: Enable or Disable Main Menu Hover Animation using this option.
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Updated on February 8, 2022