Docs: Plambio Option Overview

Plambio Option Overview

Base theme option: You can change the Base theme option from here.

Header Option: If you want then you can change Header style which Header style do you choose.

Modal Setting: Here you can use Modal Title,Modal Subtitle,Modal Form and Date Format.

Typography: This option is to modify Typography.

Color option: You can change Color from here.

Breadcrumb area: If you want then you can choose Enable or Disable option and Breadcrumb Background of the Breadcrumb area.

Blog option: Also here are Blog style options which Blog style do you choose.

Footer: Select an Elementor widget for Footer for your page of the Themes which Footer Template

do you choose.

Templates: First of all, you need to make a Footer Templates before you select “Footer Elementor Template” option.

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Updated on December 14, 2021