Docs: Server Requirments

Server Requirments

First, thank you for purchasing our theme!

This guide provides instructions for installation, help on getting started and extensive documentation of features. It is recommended you read it thoroughly to fully leverage the Kidstore theme’s capabilities. We hope you will get a lot of flexibility with Kidstore as much as we enjoyed developing it and continue to develop with new features!

To use Kidstore WordPress theme you need to have a WordPress 4.0 (or higher version) site with PHP 7.2 or more and MySQL 5.0+ running on your hosting server. If you’ve already installed WordPress on your server and your site is up, that’s great. For help regarding WordPress installation, please see this WordPress Codex link.

Some more resources from WordPress Codex:

Recommended WordPress Server Environment

For the best experience, your hosting provider should support following server software databases and or web server modules. Anything less than this might cause slow WordPress installation response and can open your website to vulnerabilities.

Theme PHP Requirements

These are the recommended PHP requirements that need to be adjusted before installing the theme. If the requirements are not met some theme features and demo installs will not function properly.
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Updated on July 2, 2024