Docs: How do I update my ThemeForest theme?

How do I update my ThemeForest theme?

If your current theme version is out of date and you want to use the latest version this guideline will help you. We have discussed three popular methods that will help you to know to update your theme

Method 1:

Update Using FTP

1.Login into your Themeforest account and go to downloads (Dashboard > downloads)
2.Download the theme into your computer
3.Install an FTP program (Filezilla is free)
4.Retrieve your FTP login information from your hosting admin panel and login into your hosting via FTP
5.Unzip the item main file
6.Locate (eg: Kidstore .zip) and unzip it. make sure your unzipping software does not create an extra directory with the same name nested into each other.
7.drag and drop theme main folder into your FTP program with the destination: “YOUR_HOSTING_ROOT/YOUR_SUBDIRECTORY/wp-content/themes/”
8.FTP program will give a warning that there is an existing with the same directory name, choose to replace all.
9.It will take varying from 15 to 30 minutes to replace all files. once you did login into your WordPress dashboard and go to master key settings. on the header (besides master key logo) the theme version will be changed to the latest version. this is the indication that your theme is updated. We recommend method one which only takes less than one minute.

Method 2:

Auto Update using Envato WordPress Toolkit

Once installed, activated, and setup, the Envato Market plugin will display a notice in your WordPress dashboard when an update is available. To setup:

1.Download the Envato Market plugin and install it through the WordPress Dashboard at Appearance > Widgets
2.Activate the plugin.
3.Navigate to the Envato Market menu, follow the instructions to generate a Global OAuth Personal Token, and enter the Token in your WordPress Dashboard:

Method 3:

Using Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrades Plugin

The recommended way to apply theme file customizations is to use a child theme.

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Updated on July 12, 2023