Please go to Settings >> Permalink and then directly save the settings.

Check the template selected for the footer.

Then edit it with Elementor editor from the saved templates.

While importing the demo data your server configuration may not be enough for the demo data importation.

In that case, you may have to perform a manual demo import.

Below are the steps for the manual demo import.

At First,

The demo import files are found in your WordPress installation folder’s wp-content >> plugins >> [Theme name]-demo-importer >> demo data but for that you need to download the required demo installer plugin at first.
and if you can’t find them then you can contact us we will provide the files to you

Step 1: Go to tools >> import >> WordPress import

If the WordPress importer is not installed or activated then install the WordPress importer

here import the content.xml

You will find the file in the WordPress installation folders wp-content >> plugins >> [theme name]-demo-installer >> demo data >> demo

Step 2: install the widget importer & exporter plugin.

then go to tools >> widget importer & exporter

there upload the .wie file if uploading doesn’t work then copy its content and use copy-paste method.

Step 3: Install customizer export/import

then go to appearance >> customize >> export/import

there use/import the .dat filethere use/import the .dat file

Step 4: And lastly, import the base theme options

here upload the JSON file or you can copy-paste the content here too

And this is how the manual demo import is done.

Don’t Hesitate to Share:

At the time of the installation or updating our theme’s required plugin, you may face this type of error mentioned below,

This type of error sometimes occurs for licensing issues. Try deactivate and reactivating the license that you have then again try installing. This should solve your issue.

Another most important reason for the issue is if you have activated the same license to another site then you will face this error. So you have to keep the license from that site deactivated if you delete the site already before deactivating it then you must face this issue.

In that case, open a ticket on our support system . Let us know about this we will delete the license from the other deleted site.

Our license is a one-time use license which means you can only use the license on one site at a time so using one license and keep it active on multiple sites will cause issues a lot of issues for you.

From Love us option you need to select the footer option

You can edit the footer using Elementor.

Follow that documentation to create Child Theme  Child Themes – Codex

Using that plugin to create Child Theme: Child Theme Generator

You need to use a Child Theme only if you are making code customizations.

At the time of installation you may get a message like “Import failed,” . in that case it means your server PHP configuration limits is the reason for the problem. You should contact your hosting provider and asked them to increase those limits to a minimum as follows.

max_execution_time 300 or above
memory_limit 128M
post_max_size 32M
upload_max_filesize 32M

You can verify your PHP configuration limits by installing a simple plugin. You will find it here

You can also check your PHP error logs to see the exact error.

If you get a 502 error when you try to edit with Elementor you have to do two things:

Go to  Elementor > Settings > Advanced, and under ‘Editor Loader’, enable ‘Switch front-end editor loader method’.

This setting changes the Elementor editor loader method.
You then may need to increase a particular Apache service limit. To do that, add the following lines inside the website’s .htaccess file:

					<IfModule mod_substitute.c> SubstituteMaxLineLength 10M </IfModule>

You can edit that file via SSH, FTP, or the File Manager tool in cPanel.